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Top 5 teen-friendly activities in Fiskardo

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

My guests at Dorian House often ask about teen-friendly activities in Fiskardo. Having spent many family holidays there myself, I know exactly where to go for a range of excellent outdoor activities which are ideal for teens and tweens.

Fiskardo has to be one of the best Greek Islands for families with teenagers who like to be active. Here are a few reasons why:

Firstly, there are so many teen-friendly watersports to experience in Fiskardo which they adore, from diving to paddle boarding and kayaking.

Secondly, the best activities are within walking distance of Dorian House. This means that older kids can be totally independent. They can take themselves off without relying on their parents to ferry them around.

Thirdly, older children can have a real adventure. This is where they will have particularly memorable experiences for the first time in their lives, such as exploring sea caves by kayak. They may even spot dolphins.

Lastly, although Dorian House has teen-friendly wifi and a pool table, your teens will not need much indoor entertainment during the day. They will be out and about discovering the wonders of Kefalonia.

Here are my top 5 teen-friendly activities in Fiskardo:

1 – Paddle boarding
If you haven’t already tried paddle boarding, then Fiskardo is the place to give it a go. The setting is idyllic. In the warm Mediterranean sunshine, you take to the calm, blue sea on paddleboards just in front of Dorian House and discover the coastline at a gentle pace.

We recommend hiring paddle boards from Ionian SUP, a fantastic small business which delivers boards to Dorian House and collects them, so it couldn’t be easier.

Paddle boarding is suitable for beginners or intermediates and boards can be hired from one hour to seven days.

2 – Sea swimming, snorkelling and diving
Swimming and snorkelling in the inviting, blue sea in front of Dorian House is always a pleasure. Thrill seekers love jumping and diving off rocks or exploring caves by Foki beach, around 5 minutes walk away.

Staying at Dorian House also gives you an opportunity to try underwater diving. In Fiskardo, an excellent dive centre with friendly instructors will guide you. Beginners courses start from the age of 10. See more about it on their website, Fiskardo Divers.

Ionian Discoveries is another one to try which organises fantastic snorkelling trips that receive rave reviews every time.

3 – Boat trips from Fiskardo
Boat trips from Fiskardo are a wonderful way to discover the stunning coastline and nearby islands around Kefalonia.

Walk along the coast to Fiskardo harbour and you’ll easily spot Regina’s Boats where you can hire a self-drive motorboat. Exploring hidden coves and secluded beaches by boat is a heavenly experience for all the family.

For a very special Greek island experience, I recommend a day out on a private yacht. Skipper Konstantinos will ensure you have a wonderful time on board his Italian motor yacht moored in Fiskardo harbour. It is an experience not to be missed!

You can take to the waters by sea kayak very easily at Dorian House. Fiskardo Kayaks, A brilliant kayak centre is just 5 minutes’ walk away, with its friendly team, modern equipment and good reviews.

For links and more information about boat trips from Fiskardo, go to our Experiences page.

4 - E-bike hire
Discovering the beautiful scenic landscapes around Fiskardo by electric bike is a must. You can rent the latest generation eBike from a company called ‘Ionian EBike’ which is based nearby in Fiskardo.

Follow bike routes on their maps or download them on your smartphone. Guided bike rides are also offered and bikes can be delivered to and collected from Dorian. It is all very convenient and easy to set up with Ionian eBike. (the same people who organise snorkelling trips, Ionian discoveries).

5 – Frozen Greek yogurt and Ice cream
This one is not as active as the others but it is one of my kids’ favourite activities in Fiskardo. From Dorian House, stroll along the coast to Fiskardo harbour where you will find an array of option for a cooling drink, ice cream or frozen greek yoghurt.

Dodoni is one of the best, brimming with a delicious selection of fresh, frozen yoghurt and ice cream. The toppings are a mouth- watering mix of fresh fruit and nuts. Choose your favourite flavours and savour every mouthful while watching the boats and people go by.

If you are planning fun, family holidays for teenagers and interested in finding out more about Dorian House, please see our website for inspiration and contact me with any queries. You can check our booking calendar and book direct on here on our website.

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