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The 8 Best Things to do in Kefalonia

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

My guests often ask me to recommend the best things to do in Kefalonia while staying at Dorian House. Although I usually talk it through with them, I thought it would be useful to have an article to refer to as a guide. I have so many tried and tested favourites which are ideal for families, couples and groups of friends.

The good news is that within walking distance of Dorian House there is an abundance of options. The beautiful village of Fiscardo is nearby and it is buzzing with things to experience, including boat trips, water sports and wonderful tavernas. We enjoy following hiking trails from the house, particularly in spring and autumn.

My advice is to go further afield too though. Explore the rest of Kefalonia by car or boat as there is so much to discover. Why not try something new? Here some suggestions:

Sea kayaking

Discover the picturesque coast of Kefalonia by sea kayak. You will have unique close up encounters with sea life, caves, hidden coves and neighbouring islands. It keeps you fit too! A friendly couple of experienced canoeists, Pavlos and Yvonne, run fun multi day trips in different parts of the island, as well as British Canoeing courses for real enthusiasts.

How to go sea kayaking from Dorian Fiscardo: Sea Kayaking Kefalonia is based in Trapezaki in the south of the island, a good hour and a half drive away. The team starts its trips in different parts of the island so contact them to find out more.

Fishing Tour and Seafood feast

A unique fishing trip for foodies, created by a charming couple from the island. Dionysis and his wife Cristina take you out for the day on their traditional Greek fishing boat or ‘caique’. You learn how to fish with nets and cook your catch to perfection. Stop off for revitalising swims, food and local wine at beautiful beaches along the way. A delicious feast together on stunning Amidi beach is an unforgettable highlight. Read more about it on the Kefalonia Fishing Tours website.

How to get to Zola from Dorian Fiscardo: Kefalonia Fishing Tours is based in the port of Zola, on the north west coast of the island. It takes about an hour to drive there from Dorian House.

Myrtos Beach

The beaches near Dorian House are wonderful but if you are exploring the highlights of Kefalonia by car or boat, be sure to visit Myrtos beach. Frequently ranked as one of Greece’s top 10 beaches, it is truly magnificent. Its white sands and crystal-clear blue sea, backed by white rocky cliffs and green hills make an incredibly inviting setting for a swim and sunbathe. Hire a lounger and relax here with a cool drink from the beach’s own snack bar.

How to get to Myrtos Beach from Dorian Fiscardo: Myrtos Beach is a good 40 minutes drive south, situated on the west coast of the island. You may have to park on the side of the road if the small car park at the beach is full.


A trip to the gorgeous, waterfront village of Assos is a must. Here you will find an impressive Venetian fortress nestled in a green hillside overlooking colourful village houses, a white beach and curved harbour. Choose a taverna for a traditional Greek lunch and savour the glorious scenery.

How to get to Assos from Dorian Fiscardo: Head south west by car and it takes about 30 minutes to reach Assos. It is a lovely place to visit and can be combined with nearby Myrtos beach.

Agia Jerusalem beach and Odysseus Taverna

I am so fond of Agia Jerusalem beach and the taverna there, so they get a special mention! The beach is named after a small, ruined chapel just above the shoreline. Under the radar for most visitors to the island, this beach is never crowded despite its natural beauty. Backed by majestic green hills, this white pebble beach has the most inviting clear blue sea. We usually hire loungers and parasols on warm sunny days, then have plenty of refreshing swims and relaxing snoozes.

I recommend you dine at fabulous Odysseus Taverna where the mouth-watering traditional Greek cuisine is excellent. I would rate it as one of the best restaurants in Kefalonia. I am sure it has something to do with the setting and my own happy memories of eating there with my family.

How to get to Agia Jerusalem Beach from Dorian Fiscardo: It’s an easy 15 minute drive away from Dorian House on the west coast of the island and you can drive right up to the beach on a country road where you can also park.

Coasteering, caving and jeep safaris

This one usually appeals particularly to active young adults and teens looking for fun things to do in Kefalonia. From rock climbing to jumping into the sea from great heights to jeep safaris and caving, the team at Outdoor Kefalonia will guide you through a range of alternative activities on the island. Read more about it on their website.

How to get to Outdoor Kefalonia from Dorian Fiscardo: They are based in Argostoli in south west Kefalonia, about an hour’s drive from Dorian. It depends on your chosen activity as to where you will meet so contact them for guidance.

Melissani Cave

A trip to Melissani Cave is for those who love the natural beauty of the island. This experience is unique to Kefalonia and really magical. A guide takes you by boat into a hidden lagoon with towering cave walls, stalactites and a shining blue lake lit by shafts of sunlight. When the lagoon was first discovered in 1951, interesting artefacts dating back to the turn of the century were found there, suggesting that it was a sacred place, making it all the more fascinating.

How to get to Melissani Cave from Dorian Fiscardo: The Melissani Cave is in Sami on the east coast of Kefalonia, about an hours drive south from Dorian.

Wine tasting and tours

Have you ever tasted wine produced in Kefalonia? It is absolutely delicious. If you the idea of sampling the best wine on the island appeals, then look no further than Gentilini winery, nestled on the coast surrounded by verdant vineyards. Tours and tastings are a relaxed affair in the winery gardens, accompanied by Kefalonia’s finest cheeses, tomatoes, fresh bread and olive oil. Choose your favourite bottles to enjoy together on the terrace of Dorian House.

To book your winery tour and tasting, go to the Gentilini website.

How to get to the Gentilini Winery from Dorian Fiscardo: The winery is situated on the south west coast of Kefalonia, just over an hours drive from Dorian House.

Once you have booked your stay at Dorian Fiscardo and figured out how to get to Kefalonia, please contact me or read more of my blog posts to give you a flavour of what you can experience.

You can read more about things to do in Kefalonia for families, particularly in Fiskardo, in my previous blog posts featured below.

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