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Wild Swimming in Kefalonia

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Wild swimming in the clear, azure sea surrounding Kefalonia is one of life’s great pleasures. By ‘wild swimming’ I mean simply open-water swimming in the sea, as opposed to a manmade pool.

Having travelled around Greece, I would say that Kefalonia is one of the best Greek islands for wild swimming. I admit that I am biased though! I have wonderful memories of wild swimming in Kefalonia, on holiday with my own family and friends. Personally, I cannot think of a better place than this unspoilt natural paradise.

It is not just my family and our guests who are fans of wild swimming though. In recent years, wild swimming as a sport has taken off around the world, particularly in areas of outstanding natural beauty. Consequently, wild swimming holidays are now increasingly sought after. So due to popular demand, here is my personal take on why I recommend wild swimming in Kefalonia:

Kinder to the environment

Firstly, sea swimming is kinder to the environment than swimming in a pool. No construction, chemicals or additional precious water are needed. Here in Kefalonia, you just take to the water from warm sandy beaches, boats, pebbly coves and, my personal favourite, from the rocky shore in front of Dorian. In addition, like many others, I find that swimming in salty sea is usually kinder to my skin than chlorinated pool water.

Closer to nature

Secondly, and on a similar note, we are all aware of the effects of global warming and the need to protect nature around us. Wild swimming brings us closer to wildlife and helps us to appreciate an array of natural habitats. In Kefalonia, that means swimming alongside different kinds of sea creatures and birds which live along the coast. We are always looking out for sea turtles and dolphins when we’re wild swimming in Kefalonia.

Outstanding natural beauty

Thirdly, wild swimming helps us appreciate the spectacular, natural beauty of Kefalonia. The island looks incredible from the sea. From the open water, you will discover secluded sandy stretches, hidden coves, caves and sea life, backed by green, hills and cliffs.

Keeping fit and healthy

Lastly, wild swimming helps you to keep fit, active and cool when it’s hot outside. When you feel the summer heat, just step into the sparkling sea water and take the plunge. Swimming in the sea also has many health benefits. It can boost our wellbeing and lift our mood, and I certainly notice the positive effects on my skin and joints.

Diving under and emerging to the surface gives you an incredibly refreshing lift. It is exhilarating. Head out a bit further each day and you’ll soon improve your resilience and fitness level.

Where to go wild swimming in Kefalonia

Stay at Dorian and you will have an excellent choice of where to go wild swimming in Kefalonia. My three personal favourites are all easy to get to. Here they are:

Wild swimming in front of Dorian

The bay in front of Dorian near Fiscardo is a huge, calm, natural pool, so it is ideal for wild swimming. Buoys around the bay make it feel safe, boats do not come in and you never see many other swimmers here so it feels very private. My advice is to swim here first thing in the morning for a refreshing start to the day. When you have had your swim, simply step out of the sea and head to the terrace where you can rinse off under our outdoor shower. It couldn’t be easier.

Wild swimming from Foki beach

Around 7 minutes’ walk from Dorian is picturesque Foki beach which is a paradise for wild swimmers. My children have always loved Foki beach too. They like to jump into the sea from the rocks there. A white, pebbly stretch, adorned with olive and pine trees, Foki beach is a stunning backdrop when viewed from the sea. We love to swim and explore little caves here along the coastline. When you emerge from the water, head to the welcoming, family run taverna at Foki beach for a well-deserved delicious Greek lunch.

Wild swimming from a boat

Wild swimming from a boat is an exciting way to explore the island. Just hire one of Regina’s boats from the harbour in Fiscardo then head along the coast. You’ll discover pretty coves and secluded bays which are only accessible by boat. Just dive in from the boat and head to shore to explore. The stunning white pebble beach of Kimilia is a favourite of mine, tucked along the coast, not far from Fiscardo.

Finally, if you decide to go wild swimming in Kefalonia, I recommend investing in water shoes, so that you can explore rockier parts of the coast. They will protect you from any sharp rocks and prickly sea urchins you may come across. You can buy water shoes in local shops in Fiscardo which is an easy walk from Dorian.

So that’s my personal take on wild swimming in Kefalonia. For more about exploring Kefalonia by boat or land, please see my other blog posts on this website.

If you have any specific queries about Dorian, Fiscardo or Kefalonia, please contact me.

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